Brakeman's Coffee

I had so much fun sitting down with Dave Baysden and David Johnson, two of the co-founders of Brakeman's Coffee. They are all about community and their coffee shop is quickly becoming the goto hangout spot in downtown Matthews, NC. Next time you are in Matthews stop in for a cup of joe and tell them I said hi!

Show Notes:

2:30 - Dave and David talk about the origin story of Brakeman's Coffee. It is all about community and it is a family affair.

6:00 - The Matthews community has really come together and supported Brakeman's in amazing ways. 

10:00 - Story of the name Brakeman's Coffee and the meaning behind it.

14:10 - David let's us in on the secret that he had never had a cup of coffee until he was 35! 

18:20 - Giving back and non-profit work is part of the Brakeman's DNA.

21:30 - Brakeman's is embracing the local music and art scene.

26:10 - One of the best things about coffee is it can't be digitized!

27:00 - The guys talk about what it was like to open a coffee shop and parter with friends.

30:00 - You can go after your dream AND keep your day job.

31:50 - Life is precious - take a moment to slow down and appreciate the things that make life special.

Find Brakeman's and Founders Online here: 

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