Lane Ostrow

Lane Ostrow is an amazing entrepreneur and is also one of the most charitable people I know. We cover a lot of ground in this episode of the podcast but we spend most of our time talking about the work Lane is doing with the Global Post Traumatic Stress Injury Foundation. Their mission is to treat every veteran suffering with PTSD with a new disruptive treatment that is literally saving lives!

Show Notes

3:50 - Lane talks about the foundation of our friendship - the work he did for my niece Miranda and the foundation he created in her memory that helped many families in need.

12:08 - Lane goes through the origin story of Products For Good which was the start of all the amazing work has done for military charities for more than 10 years.

21:55 - HonorOne is a program that was born in response to those that wanted to help but didn't have a veteran in their life to buy a gift for. For $22 they can purchase a reminder coin and know they they are helping treat those suffering with PTSD.

23:25 - We talk about this terrible statistic: 22 Soldiers commit suicide every day due to PTSD.

31:30 -  Dr. Lipov has developed a disruptive new treatment for PTSD that is having much better results than traditional treatement at a fraction of the cost.

37:38 - Unlike traditional treatments the patient is noticeably different after just one treatment.

46:35 - Even though the treatment is more effective and less expensive disruption is hard. Status Quo is very powerful and underestimated as a competitor.

56:38 - Some fire stations have 1/3 of their firefighters away on deployment. First responders and military have huge overlap.

Find Lane and Information on PTSD, The Global Post Traumatic Injury Foundation and HonorOne here:

Lane LinkedIn | Healing Hero Website | GPTSIF Website | Products For Good Website | HonorOne Program | Products For Good on Facebook