Ryan O'Donnell

In this episode I get a chance to sit down and talk to a rising star in the Internet Marketing world. Ryan is only 17 and has worked with some of the biggest names in the sales and marketing world. He is wise beyond his years and has a great take action attitude. His perspective is one that all of us can learn from regardless of our age!

Show Notes:

3:00 - Ryan talks about him not loving school from a young age and starting on his entrepreneurial journey.

5:45 - Ryan's parents always talked to him and his brother as they would an adult. There was literally not a 'kids table' at Ryan's house. This has made him extremely natural and confident around people older than him which has been a huge asset in his career development. 

7:20 - Ryan talks about when his parents decided to start homeschooling him and his brother as well as some different approaches to homeshooling.

11:40 - Ryan hears about Grant Cardone's water challenge and decides he is going to enter the contest. Ryan walks us through his strategy that ultimately got him the win! Link to his winning video below!

20:45 - Frank Kern enters Ryan's life and literally changes the course of his career overnight. Frank was a judge on Grant's water challenge and saw something special in him and became a mentor for Ryan and started him on the ad man copywriter path.  

25:35 - What is a sales letter and how much impact can a good sales letter have on a business offer? Why isn't everyone writing sales letters and putting them on their website?

29:02 - You can reach any mentor you want within 30 days by leveraging today's technology and social platforms.

31:32 - Ryan's upcoming projects include projects with Joe Polish, Frank Kern ...and...his mom! :)

35:25 - What is the most important thing to do to get started in Internet Marketing or Copywriting?

37: 50 - Do things your way. There are a million ways to accomplish the same thing and you should do what works for you, not just follow someone else's way blindly.

Find Ryan: 

Ryan's Water Pitch Video | Ryan on Instagram